Broadband usage calculator

Before using the Simply Switch broadband calculator to find the best deal for you it may help you to work out what your average monthly broadband usage will be. Simply answer the questions below on the amount of time you spend surfing and how much on average you download and our broadband usage calculator will do the rest.

How many hours will you surf the internet per week?
How many emails without attachments will you send and receive in an average week?
How many emails with attachments will you receive in an average week?
How many jpegs and photos will you receive per week?
How many music tracks will you download per week?
How many minutes of video or trailers will you watch per week?
How many movies will you download per month?
How many hours per day will you listen to online radio?
How many hours per week will you game online?
How many hours per week will you make calls through the internet?


Based on what you have told us your likely broadband usage per month will be: "0" GB


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Please note: The above table is intended solely as a guide to show you the possible ways of using your download allocation. Any combination of activities listed or otherwise is possible. All figures are approximate due to the varying nature of factors involved.

Disclaimer: Because of the variable nature of the internet and differences in home computer speeds, Simply Switch cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this data. It is intended to be used as a guide only.