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Choosing the best TV, phone and broadband package for you

There are various companies who now offer bundle packages which include all TV, phone and broadband together, offering great discounts on each. But it’s important that you work out what you want from your package before looking around, so that you can make sure you’re getting a good deal.

What kind of internet connection speed should I look for?

If you’re a casual internet user and live in a house with just a couple of people, then a normal internet connection will probably be suitable for you. If the only thing you will be using your connection for is emails and a bit of browsing the web, then a standard broadband tariff of up to 17Mbps should be suitable. However, if you are in a larger household, stream a lot of movies, play games, or have many devices using the internet at the same time, you may want to go for a fibre optic connection. These are much faster than your standard internet offerings and can achieve speeds of up to 1Gb.


What kind of phone deal do I need?

This will depend on how much you use your home phone, if you’re someone who doesn’t get a lot of use out of it then a standard pay as you go packages will probably be the best option for you. However, if you are someone who uses it frequently then you may want to invest in an add on to your package, these will generally cater for either weekend, weekday or international calls and some will be all inclusive.

What kind of TV deal should I get?

This will depend on how much you watch TV and how many channels you will think you will be needing. In terms of broadband and phone line deals pretty much all companies will be offering similar deals, but you will see the main differences with the TV packages they offer. You will need to consider exactly what it is you’ll be needing, if your someone who doesn’t watch a lot of live TV you might want to go for a cheaper option that has mainly catch up and on demand services. However, if you’re someone who likes to watch a lot of new movies or sports you might need to go for one of the more premium offerings.

Which providers offer broadband with phone and TV?

There are various companies who offer the trifactor of home necessities, the most common ones that you will find are TalkTalk, BT, Virgin Media and Sky.

In terms of TV, Virgin and Sky will be leading the way when it comes to number of channels, both include a great mix of entertainment and movies, but with Sky offering a little more when it comes to sports. BT also has a great range of exclusive sports channels, as well as a competitive selection of other channels.

Will I have to pay a set up fee?

If you’re getting all three services from on provider, then you will generally have to pay a one-off fee to get everything installed. This will vary from company to company, but you will generally be looking in the region of around £20-50.

If there are setup fees involved, it will be made clear when you look at any detailed information on the deal in question, so make sure you eye up the small print if this is something you’re worried about.

How much will I pay for a broadband, phone and TV bundle?

This will vary dramatically, depending on what speed of internet, what channels and catch up services as well as phone line deals you have. It can be difficult to say exactly but you will generally be looking at around £35 per month for some of the more basic offerings out there and up to £60-£70 if you wanted to go for a more premium deal.

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