Fibre Optic Broadband

Get The Fastest Broadband With Fibre Optic

Fibre optic offers incredibly fast speeds and super reliability. This type of broadband is the best option for shared households and heavy internet users. If you like to watch TV, listen to music, and download things online regularly, fibre optic is going to be the best option for you. Here’s more about this broadband option.

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What’s so good about fibre optic broadband?

Really getting the most out of your internet connection usually requires you to have fibre optic broadband. When you compare this type of internet with a standard connection, you’ll see that it’s far faster and smoother It’s like traditional broadband’s highly privileged cousin. You can use this kind of internet to download films in a matter of minutes, and save yourself time that can be better spent binge watching your favourite TV show.

The following providers offer fibre optic broadband in the UK:

Can you get fibre optic in your area?

The problem with getting fibre optic broadband is that it is only available in certain areas where the correct infrastructure already exists. Coverage is generally pretty good and in several areas you’ll have a choice of many different suppliers. However, in rural areas, or in awkwardly positioned houses, you may be thin on options.

The number of homes that can get fibre optic in the UK is rising. Already at 90%, everybody should be able to enjoy superfast internet sooner or later. If this is something you’re interested in right now, you need to check to make sure it’s available to you first.

Using Your Superfast Fibre Connection

As well as giving your browsing speed a substantial boost, a fibre optic connection will make certain other tasks much quicker and easier, for example:

Downloading Files

If you like to download files regularly, fibre optic will save you plenty of time. This type of internet can mean waiting just a few minutes for a movie, and having an album in a few seconds. No waiting around for hours waiting for songs to download.

Having Everyone Online at Once

If you have a house full of people who use the internet, fibre optic will stop things from getting slow once everybody is connected. Traditional internet can really start to lag when multiple people are on it.

Stream Films And TV In HD

Have a great viewing experience by streaming films and TV in HD with fibre optic.


If you love to game, you’ll have an overall better experience with fibre optic. You’ll be able to download games much faster, and play them without experiencing any problems.

Video Calling

If you have friends and family overseas, video calls are probably a priority to you. You want these calls to be reliable and high quality, so you and your loved ones can have a great catch up. This is another use that makes fibre optic stand out.

Do I really need fibre optic broadband?

Although fibre optic can make a huge difference to your life on the internet, it isn’t always a necessity. Those who might really need it include:

  • Those with large families living under one roof.
  • Those who use Skype for video calls regularly.
  • Those who spend time downloading and uploading large files.
  • Those who play games online.
  • Those who use online TV catch up services.
  • Those who watch films online.
  • Those who have shared accommodation.

If you simply use the internet to browse and use social media, then a regular package might be just fine for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Fibre Broadband?

You do this the same way you would any other broadband package. Select your package and sign up online, where the provider you’ve chosen will then contact your current provider and set wheels in motion. The only exception is Virgin Media.

Which Packages Should I Select?

The one that suits your needs the most! Consider some of the points here, such as how you use your internet and how many people will be using it at once.

How Long Will The Switch Take?

Usually a couple of weeks once you’ve put the order in to make a switch. It could be quicker, it could take a little longer. The provider you’ve chosen should give you more information.

Will I Be Able To Keep My Email Address?

This depends on your old provider. We recommend getting an email address from a free service such as Gmail or Outlook so you don’t have to worry about this.