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Energy For All Business

Our commercial energy comparison service is suitable for all kinds of business, from SMEs to larger companies. Whether you run a shop or a restaurant, or work from an office, it’s always a good idea to compare gas and electricity prices to make sure that you’re always benefitting from the best deals around.

Green Energy

These days, businesses are often on the look our for ways to reduce their negative environmental impact. If you’re concerned with your businesses carbon footprint, you’re in the right place – we can get you switched to a green energy supplier right away.

Get the Best Deals on the Market

We show you tariffs from every supplier on the market offering gas and electricity for business. You won’t be able to get dual fuel tariffs for businesses, so if you use both gas and electricity, you’ll have to compare them separately. This will let you ensure you’re getting the absolute most for your money.

Domestic and Business Energy: Key Differences

Business contracts differ to ordinary domestic tariffs, largely due to the differing needs of a business compared to a home. We’ll quickly cover the unique features of commercial energy tariffs and switching so that you know what to look out for and what to expect.

Switching between energy tariffs on the domestic market is easy. You type in your details onto a comparison website, like Simply Switch, and you’ll be presented immediately with a list of reliable suppliers along with quotes. But this isn’t how it works in the business energy market. Because the needs of businesses differ dramatically from business to business, it’s not usually possible to provide them with energy quotes on the spot like it is for domestic households. Unlike households which have roughly equivalent energy needs, the needs of companies differ significantly. As a result, business customers need to approach energy suppliers individually to get bespoke energy quotes.