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Tariffs updated 16 April 2014

Are you fed up with the conduct of your current energy supplier? Tired of paying more and more on your energy bills? Well worry no more, as Simply Switch is here to ensure that you never have to passively accept price rises again.

Energy prices are increasing heavily each and every year with Npower, British Gas, SSE and Scottish Power all announcing their intentions to raise costs to consumer bills in the next month. Though the frequent rise of energy prices is undoubtedly an issue that has to be addressed immediately, it should nevertheless be remembered that there are positive courses of action you can take that can allow you to avoid the brunt of price hikes; the best of which is switching to a supplier who offers a more competitive rate, when your existing one puts their prices up.

Often people pay over the odds because they are simply unaware of the best tariff rates that are out there on the market. Introduce our comparison tool, which will enable you to assess all of the new offers and deals that are available on the energy market at the moment, as well as producing clear illustrations of the environmental obligations, early termination fees and perks that the tariff has attached to it. By comparing all of the deals out there, you will be able to evaluate your current rate against all the rest, meaning you can find the deal that is best suited to you.

At Simply Switch, we are dedicated to finding the cheapest options for consumers, and as such have a number of suggestions and advice columns on the site that will inform you of the right tariffs to consider when switching energy providers. For example, were you aware you could potentially save over £1000 in the next few years by simply switching to a fixed rate tariff? Or that there are ways of guaranteeing you pay the same rate for your energy for the next 4 years? Our team of experts constantly monitor the energy and political landscape in order to determine where the direction of prices are going, and which suppliers are the most appropriate to look out during a certain period of time.

Whether it’s for gas, electricity, or dual fuel, our comparison tool will ensure that you are always kept up to date about the most competitive deals out there on the market, for both fixed rate and standard variable tariffs. If you are currently with an energy provider who has consistently been raising the amount you pay for your energy, then don’t accept it; be proactive, analyse the market and take positive action to ensure that you never have to fall victim to persistent energy price hikes again.

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