Average Energy Usage

In order for us to identify the best energy supplier and tariff for you we need to know approximately how much energy you use. This information can be taken from your energy bills or alternatively if you select “I do not know my consumption” we will calculate approximately how much you use based on the number of bedrooms in your home and the number of occupants of the property.

To do this we use average consumption figures provided by Energywatch. If you wish to see the average consumption information this is detailed below.


Number of bedrooms at your property Avg. gas consumption (kWh) 1 10,000 2 15,000 3 25,000 4 29,000 5 or more Add 2500 kWh per room


Number of bedrooms at your propertyAvg. electricity consumption (kWh) 12,500 24,000 35,500 46,000 5 or moreAdd 250 kWh per room